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Graphite is a very soft material that provides good sealing when cold and it can withstand very high temperatures. Dowel pin holes are a little off but the volvo uses smaller dowels so machining the head to the correct location and size is possible. As most people with volvo s know if they thought about it the engine compartments can fit almost any engine you can find. Volvo 8v to 16v conversion kit b230 to b234 b204 much needed set of parts when you want to install b234 b204 head on the b230 block. They are used on one of fords fourbanger in performance applications. A b234f is an interference engine, meaning if the timing belt snaps, the. D24 diesel engine used on the volvo 240 diesel from 1981 to 1985, and volvo 260 diesel from 1980 to 1982. The later models had lightened internal components to improve efficiency and fuel economy but limit the total power output when the engines software is revised to. Volvo cylinder head new and rebuilt volvo cylinder heads. Engine performance upgrades for vintage volvos 19621975. For more info or ordering volvo cylinder head call toll free 18009784323 portland, or 503 2300852503 2300852. A major problem with turbo conversions using b234 16v head is a the exhaust flow is like 90% or so of intake flow, and for optimum cylinder filling i understand it should be in the mid 70% range, but thats easy cure. It is all a question of how much weight you are willing to gain.

The volvo head swap isnt worth the effort unless you are doing it just to be different, the esslinger arca head will out perform the volvo head. May 03, 2006 hello all, havent been here in a while. The later white block motors can trace their head design back to the twopiece setup found in the b204 and b234. You just have to make sure the deck on the block is true, as well as the heads. Chevellefan one of the main reasons for swaping to the volvo head is that it was aluminum. Since, ive never actually done any research into head swaps because i really am not all that interested in the swap, but watching people get manhandled because it was the 78th time that their new suggestion post, which used to be loadsofun, has become sorta hohum, i will let others post their facts and information.

The b230 model run was from 1985 to 1998 in europe and other markets, with north america finishing with the b230fd in 1995. Oil sludge may indicate a broken cylinder head gasket for some volvo 740s with b23, b200, b230, b204 or b234 engines so you should go to the service center if you spot this problem. Modified volvo 740 gle b234f 16 valve head for sale online. In a 700, you should be able to swap in the 16v motor mounts and brake booster. The beginning of tuning microsquirt 1976 volvo 242 b21ft rebuilt wh beams w b234 16v head completely rebuilt w upgraded springs and 3 angle valve job garrett gt3071r w tial 38mm wastegate. How i swapped from 8v to 16v and kept the same b230f bottom end. I have a few internal oiling questions and wanted to know what mods you did and how they are working. You are looking at a used dohc volvo b234f head with no bent valves, that many racers are now searching for in order to make gobs of power. B234 block doesnt fit very naturally in a 240 the motor mounts are designed to mount on a wider 700900 crossmember which in turn isnt the same as the 8v 700900 series crossmember and they s.

Jun 28, 2004 mike svor is finishing a volvo head swap on his car. Saab h engine naturally aspirated b202 16 valve engine in a 1986 saab 900. This is a great core to get your folvo project or red block dohc conversion started. The cylinder spacing and head bolt spacing are the same so bolting it up is easy. This unit musters power and torque figures of 153 bhp 155 ps114 kw at 5700 rpm and 203 nm. The 4 cylinder, double overhead camshaft naturally aspirated powerplant has 4 valves per cylinder and a displacement of 2.

If were talking performance on the cheap, im not sure a b23ft can be beat. Megasquirt support forum msextra 1990 ford ranger 2. Volvo uses a proprietary anaerobic sealer which works very well if you can get your hands on it for a reasonable cost. Reportedly, some motors are getting boosted to 40 psishort term. He said he doesnt replace them anymore, he replaces the engine. The external balance shafts and oil pumps make the motor have a different form factor. Its generally the same as the head swap im doing now. Just weld up the center oil drain hole at top and weld the outside edge of the oval holes on either side as they get too close to the gasket edge, cut off and weld up the water pump bypass elbow on the front and weld a 1x1x5.

Volvo 1800, 120, 140, 240, 340, 740, 940, s90, v90 and any other rwd volvo you may have or want. Ive heard forced induction would not be compatible with the engine so im looking to get the engine out of a 95 850 t5. Ive been looking for an used head but all i could find locally was a complete b5244s engine. Sell b234f dohc 740 volvo svo merkur ranger thunderbird coupe.

Folvo racing build the merkur club of america forums. The dohc 16v volvo b234 was in 8990 740 in us and 91 940 in canada. Inspect the engine for oil and water coolantwater pump leaks. B234 fg dohc head source, normally aspirated 740gle. Aside from the engine mount difference the distributor is located in the back of the cylinder head on the b230 and if you look at your typical b23ft in a 240 you will see that there is not enough room back there for the distributor. Turbo volvo sohc red block racers are using these heads because they are plug and play head for thier sohc short block, but also the lima 2. I need some help with a technical detail on a volvo engine. It was very general as to what needs to be done to do the swap but enough to get you started. There are a number of different ways to skin this cat, including a nice but spendy all volvo solution using penta aq171 parts since the penta dohc motor was basically a 16v head on an 8v block.

One of the more common questions is along the line ofhow do i get more power out of my car without spending a fortune. Sure the 240 came in turbo models but they all ran b2123ft and all but the very earliest of the 7900 series cars ran b230ft models. Whats the fastest volvo engine you can put in a 740 sedan. I used a little kit made by josh which uses an 850 tensioner, 960 idler, and 850 belt. The saab link forums saab classic 900 forum 7893 performance modifications for the classic 900.

The factory specs for both the thickness of the head height of the head and of the head gasket are as follows. The first turbocharged 700series cars used the b23ft engine. Nov 26, 20 i have a 1995 volvo 850 na completely stock. Jul 11, 20 v70 engine swap help, advice and diy tutorials on volvo s extremely popular car line volvo s 1990s bread and butter cars powered by the ubiquitous and durable volvo inline 5cylinder engine. Intraweb lore says that some b234 s have been unearthed with squirters.

This product comes as set of one refer to picture what you see is what you will get, brand new in packaging with 12 months manufacturer warranty. Shop genuine volvo oem parts volvo wholesale parts. Volvo mech says its a head gasket and of 4 hes done only 1 worked because the block is usually warped too. The b21 and all derived engines are often referred to as red block engines for the red paint applied to the block. First method measure the head from the gasket surface to the head bolt surface. Volvo 8v to 16v conversion kit b230 to b234b204 much needed set of parts when you want to install b234b204 head on the b230 block. A couple of days ago, i found a thread on another board where a 2. Volvo ford pinto 2,5l 16v turbo moottorin eka kaynnistys, escort mk2 kopassa. Volvo uses a graphite head gasket because graphite has natural lubrication that can handle the differences in temperature between the aluminum head and the castiron block. D24t turbo diesel engine used on the 760 turbo diesel from 1983 to 1985, 740 turbo diesel 1986. The 40 year old 8v motor has seen better days and i would like to update to a more modern style motor and the later 968 engine is way out of my pay scale. B230f shortblock rsi rods rsi pistons standard b230 crank bmw oil squirters ishiharajohnson crank scraper arp head studs cometic mls headgasket b234 head rsi twin scroll header gt32 twin scroll turbo nuke performance adjustable cam gears nuke performance 8 fuel rail.

Volvo 850 na engine swap performance modifications. On these forums ive seen several talking about replacing head gaskets successfully, im guessing with the overhead cams you cant shave much on the head. The cylinder head off a 89 90 volvo 740gle b234f engine can be used on the ford 2. The 16valve head was itself a completely new design for volvo. We highly suggest purchasing a earling b234 head gasket set. Volvo c30 s40 c70 android car stereo navigation indash.

We offer wholesale prices for eretailers and are committed to excellent customer service. We use the volvo stuff at the shop, but loctite 518 works well when we dont have the volvo pink stuff. Help, advice and diy tutorials on volvo s extremely popular car line volvo s 1990s bread and butter cars powered by the ubiquitous and durable volvo inline 5cylinder engine. I want to do an engine swap between the two cars because my 740 engine leaks oil out of the head gasket and burns a little bit of oil, and the 240 is a clean engine that does not burn anything but a little gas. The head gasket must seal combustion pressures up to 1,000. The diesel engine is much more common in other markets.

First start ford pinto engine with volvo 16v head youtube. Vintage performance developments performance products for. Volvo b234 head 16v dohc there is a yahoo forum on adapting it, but not simple, really only if you are a tinkerer. The technical information listed on this webpage is a summary of the main differences in volvo s 4 cylinder b230 family of engine blocks and ancillaries. Hi, i own a 1986 volvo 740gle, and a 1991 volvo 240dl. Ford mustang forum ford mustang model specific forums 2. The 940 model is a car manufactured by volvo, sold new from year 1990 to 1992, and available after that as a used car. Smarty trend volvo c30 s40 c70 android car stereo navigation indash head unit has a lot of advantages as opposite to the original car multimedia system. Reportedly much better torque curve than stock s2000 engine. The volvo b21 is a slant straightfour engine first used in the volvo 200 series, meant to replace the b20. We corralled three for a photo shoot at tucson dragway, and grabbed snaps of a few others during the drive and racing. The primary differences when compared to the b20 was the switch to a sohc in place of the older pushrod configuration, and an aluminum crossflow cylinder head versus the iron. I just had an accident in my 89 suprait dynoed 362weel and 373 ft lb at 1. I dont actually own a volvo but want to use a volvo engine in a project.

Submit your pictures, videos, repair questions, wantedavailable parts, etc. I got a little tied up with my supra, now im pumped up to build another sleeper volvo. We go on a deep detailed close up tour of my 505 whp b230f with a b234 head on it. The saab h engine is a redesign of the saab b engine, which in turn was based on the triumph slant4 engine. Beyond the 16v head, the b234 also has a much different oiling and balance shaft system than the traditional red block. Volvo head conversion the merkur club of america forums. The 16valve head was, itself, a completely new design for volvo. Engine performance upgrades for vintage volvos 19621975 created on 20120727 by ipd staff every spring, we get calls from vintage volvo owners who are interested in increasing the horsepower in their trusty relicr. Hi guys i have a 1987 conquest tsi that im going to swap my totaled mustangs setup into. Everything that is available in your modern smartphone or a tablet now it.

I would love to get some more horsepower out of it but i have looked a lot and cannot find anything to do to this engine. I am inquiring about volvo s b234 head in another forum to so what the split is between the head bolts, but no answer so far. Jan 23, 2017 eventually we stopped shaking donuts at each other in rage and realized there were a lot of modded volvos at the event. Performance modifications for the classic 900 archive. A b234f is an interference engine, meaning if the timing belt snaps, the engine will usually eat its drivetrain in short order. Volvo only made a few 16v turbos in italy, and a few other euro. B234f dohc 740 volvo svo merkur ranger thunderbird coupe 2. Im putting cleveland heads on a 351 windsor, head bolts and cylinder spacing is the same but the water passages are different and you have to notch the crap out of a stock piston or get an aftermarket one already notched.

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