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How to get the function return value learn qtp uft. Keys method returns an array containing all existing keys in a dictionary object. Dictionary object should be created set objdictionaryname createobjectscripting. Qtp web tables a table containing a number of rows and columns a table containing any kind of information in cells in combinations. Items and keys method returns the array of items and keys respectively. Calling dll files in qtp using createobject there are situations where we might need more functionality for our test framework which our qtp and vbscript might not able to be provide us. Qtp interview questions how to return an object from a.

A dictionary object is the equivalent of a perl associative array. The vbscript dictionary object provides an item indexing facility. The difference between a dictionary object and an array is. The following code illustrates how to create a dictionary object. The dictionary object enables you to assign values to variables that are accessible from all actions local and external called in the test in which the dictionary object is created. Note that, this is not something very qtp specific. For each value in dictionary object, there is one unique key associated with value.

Dictionary object vb6 reference microsoft scripting runtime. This tutorial includes top most commonly asked vbscript interview questions with. Can u explain about qtp tool from older version to latest version also its differences. Descriptive programming tutorial 1 qtp ordinal identifier vb script objects dynamic. Each approach relies on the setdefault method of a dictionary to initialize the entry for a key in the dictionary, if needed, and in any case to return said entry. Exists method returns true if the specified key exists within the dictionary. Qtp uft what does instr function return after execution or instr function. In simple terms, dictionary object is similar to a typical array.

Qtp uft how to create a dictionary object using vbscript or how to work with dictionary object in qtp or uft. Today we will see a less talked about and not so often used dictionary object in qtp. Ways to return values from functions in vbscript and qtp. Using dictionary object in functions set udetailscreateobjectscripting. Just assign the value to be passed outside to the function name as below. Associating multiple values with each key in a dictionary python. Vbscript dictionary object vs javascript object may 12, 2012 in test automation world, always we have situations to return more than one value from a function call. It is a part of vb script and so it can be used with the tools supporting vbs. How to utiliize a dictionary object returned from a function. Also for multiple variable outputs from functions use call by.

I believe the function is working correctly, but im not sure how to utilize the returned dictionary. All about dictionary object in qtp uft naveen december 28, 2017 testing learning, testing tools no comments there are many ways to use dictionary objects but the most common use of dictionary object is to keep the value in an array and refer each value with a unique key or index. Returns an array with all the values in dictionary. This allows to do pass dictionary to function which might support the actual dictionarty object public function object set object odict end function function to translate keys from index to actual key private function getkeykey return actual key in case we are not able to translate index to key. Keys, returns an array of all the keys in a dictionary object. Vbscript dictionaries with vbscript rhino developer documentation. All about dictionary object in qtpuft testingfreak. I wasnt too sure of what was your problem, so i experimented a bit. Dictionary object is part of the vbscript scripting engine with no need for.

If you need to sort the list elements, the sortdict function can be. A dictionary object returns an array of all its keys using one simple method. It appears that you just missed that to assign a reference to an object, you. To use these details in a function we should develop functions in this format. Qtp dictionary objects add values to a dictionary object in one action and retrieve the values in other actions. The dictionary object is used to hold a set of data values in the form of key, item pairs. Qtp interview questions how to return an object from a function.

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