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Attend depot for maths english test and driving assessment in a car. Start transit personnel video testing and training system entrylevel testing. Apr 10, 2012 just a video edit of my bus driver license assessment that i did. First has signed up to the rnib charter to assist passengers with vision impairment.

Bus driver assessment test preparation jobtestprep. Valid drivers license high school diplomaged class c licensed driver for last 3. The purpose of personality tests is to see if you would be a good fit for the job in terms of your attitude and behaviors. Would you like to know what kind of career and professions suit you best. Lea requirements utah school bus driver instruction. On this day, you can expect a highway code test, a maths and english test, a scenario test, a driving test and an interview. You then do a test on the highway code and a quick maths test. Occupational therapistdriver rehab specialist organizations that certify professionals for. School buses, pretrip vehicle inspection test, basic vehicle control skills test and onroad driving. Bus training and assessment heavy vehicle bus training. Diagrammatic reasoning tests will assess your sequence and pattern identification skills, logical thinking and ability to approach a problem and how good you are at solving it. Important legal issues that drivers must understand.

The above interview questions also can be used for job title levels. Examiner for driving assessment was far too strict. The school bus endorsement can be used with the class a, b or c cdl. An apprenticeship in passenger transport services is your first stop to a great career in the transport industry.

I wrote to the depot in guildford received an interview date and was hired there and then i had to learn how to drive a bus, which was an eight week course with driving test afterwards, i then was able to drive buses but then had to learn the routes. Your school needs school bus drivers that are first and foremost safe drivers. Test questions come from the georgia commercial drivers manual. This is easy to do and all that one need is to take some practice before the exam. I was told 3 weeks which i thought was ridiculous as i was already a minibus driver with another company who trained people for the pcv test in about a week. A comprehensive database of bus driving test quizzes online, test your knowledge with bus driving test quiz questions. No positive result on or refusal of a drugalcohol test 2.

Below we go through these tests and how you can prepare for them before the day, in order to make sure you do well. Test your driving iq aarp 5question test nhtsa medication assessment. The first bus assessment day is the final challenge in the recruitment process. This test assesses an applicants ability to read and understand basic written information. This is where we take you from being able to drive a bus and turn you into a bus driver. Read our assessment centre guide to make sure youre fully prepared and ready to show yourself in the best possible light. Bus drivers are required to have certain skills in order to perform their job. Learn about the interview process, employee benefits, company culture and more on indeed. At the beginning of the day, your documents will be checked, ensuring your driving licence is in order, and you have the right to work in the uk. Driver skills aaa maryland area driver rehabilitation programs.

Driver profiler assessment to assess their attitudes towards driving and their likely driving behaviour. Weve made a significant investment in our services over a number of years, we continue to invest in new vehicles for our bus fleet and we have a number of exciting job opportunities available. The bus driver assessment is comprehensive and challenging since the job itself requires a great deal out of those who do it each day. Bus cpc practical training module 4 test 2020 duration. Applicants are presented with four different kinds of numerical questions based on working with timetables, calculating ticket prices from a simple matrix, working out how much change to give a customer and working out the takings for a shift. The segment aired in conjunction with the annual roadeo competition, which is being held this week at the como transit center near the minnesota state fairgrounds in st. This cdl practice test is a great place to start if youre after the tn school bus endorsement. Find 1,096 questions and answers about working at first student.

Apprentices will also be required to undertake one appropriate option based on the chosen occupation of bus, coach or tram driver. Perhaps most obviously among these is the alabama cdl school bus test, which focuses on the statespecific rules and regulations of school bus operation. Each component provides important data for hiring decisions. Were after people who are passionate about working for us and providing a great service to our customers. Oct, 20 the assessment was basically to see how long it would take for them to train us and get us through the driving test. Tell the truth, follow your instinct, listen to your heartand thats it. Free practice tests and other test resources organized in 300 categories including. Diagrammatic reasoning tests are used by recruiters to assess your ability to think logically and solve complex problems bus driver assessment centre. Get ready for your bus driver mechanical reasoning, personality, reading comprehension, and basic math tests with practice tests and study guides. The driver certification form must be completed listing each school bus driver certified competent in each of the following categories. While you should be honest while completing the test, you can learn how to. They will include psychometric tests such as numerical reasoning tests, verbal reasoning test, diagrammatic reasoning tests and situational judgement tests.

Take our free practice test for the ultimate test preparation. Bus driver tests 202021 practice tests free aptitude tests. Wccos jamie yuccas recently got behind the wheel of a metro transit bus to illustrate the challenges of driving the 40foot long, 50,000pound vehicle. With cognifit driving assessment battery dab, any user can quickly and easily learn about their cognitive profile, strengths, and weaknesses. A driving skills examination is valid for two years or until the learners permit expires, whichever is first. Do you aspire to become a school bus driver in nashville, memphis, chattanooga or another part of tennessee. If you have a learners permit you may take the driving skills examination during your driver education course, if your school participates in the bmvs waiver program. This cdl practice test is a great place to start if youre after the ca school bus endorsement. Ive been invited to an assessment day with first and was wondering exactly what to expect. If it is the same assessment, and youve already passed it within the last 6 months, you will not need to retake it. Bus driver candidates are asked to take up to two aptitude tests a numerical and a verbal reasoning test.

I love the role, i like to meet new people everyday. To study for the test, you can get a free copy of the commercial drivers license manual from any bmv office. Company pays for dot physical and training to operate and be licensed as a school bus driver is free. This bus training and assessment course is aimed at new and experienced medium rigid and heavy rigid vehicle drivers who wish to transfer their skills and knowledge to drive a commerical or privatley operated bus. Must pass all drug and alcohol testing requirements code of federal regulations 382. And also ask yourself why do you want to join first. Free interview details posted anonymously by septa interview candidates. Take our free holland code career test and find out. You first go on a driving assessment in a van if a trainee. Tennessee cdl school bus practice test tn 2020 free. Whether you want to work for a citys transport system, like the chicago transportation authority, or a transnational bus company, like greyhound, you will need to pass interviews and assessments before getting hired. Practical driving assessment pda details driving test wa.

Our preppack has all you need to prepare for the first bus aptitude tests and interviews on the assessment day. The information is organized in 12 instructional units that cover the following topics. The quiz below is designed for a cdl bus driver apprentice and can help you pass the final exam. Asap training is great and i had a lot of fun doing it.

The hr avatar driver school bus spanish preemployment assessment was designed to help you hire staff in this role. First aid training for school bus driversemsa approved. Firstly, please check that the online assessment is the same as the one youve already completed. When you have passed your final driving test you will then move onto the post test part of your training. Hello all a few months ago i created a thread in this section which is now locked in regards to myself applying for a position as a trainee bus driver for national express travel west midlands, and after 4 months or so ive been invited for an written assessment for this saturday, i. All apprentices must become competent in all of the core knowledge, skills and behaviours. The test has 50 questions, and you need to get 43 right to pass.

One week will be spent back in class which will involve taking part in our dedicated 3 day driving training programme. Bus operator recruitment, hiring process and customer. I interviewed at arriva group guildford, england in september 2008. This driver assessment could help us to overcome doubts about whether our cognitive state attentional, memory, planning, etc. But are they levelheaded, comfortable working with kids, cheerful, and have high personal standards. The aptitude tests assess whether you have the necessary skills. After you have passed the theory test and hazard perception test you will be issued a theory test certificate and you can then book your practical test using the theory test number. This test assesses an applicants ability to work with numbers, money and timetables. You go in with management who ask you the normal what do you know about stagecoach etc.

The test is designed to prepare you for the school bus portion of your 2020 commercial driver s license exam. The practical test lasts around 90 minutes and includes vehicle safety questions, practical road driving and offroad exercises. You can get the permit by taking a three part written test given by the ohio bureau of motor vehicles. Jan 17, 2019 a comprehensive database of bus driving test quizzes online, test your knowledge with bus driving test quiz questions.

Each of the 20 questions is based on the official 2020 cdl manual. The test provides a wholeperson evaluation by measuring jobrelevant cognitive ability, personality, knowledge, skills, and relevant behavioral history. I have a assesment for first bus in bristol on wednesday and wondering what i must do and dont, i no there is going to be a written test on maths and english and possibly an interview. If you pass the first stage youd start driving school for six weeks and become a bus driver if you pass a driving test at the end. Feb 11, 2019 at assessment day, i need to complete written test and driving assessment. This means that if you are waiting at a bus stop the driver will stop, unless you have clearly signalled that you do not want the bus to stop, and advise which route the vehicle is operating. This is not the first written assessment you will need to prepare for but when the time comes, you can make sure your knowledge of every essential school bus endorsement test topic is as good.

The makeup of the psychometric tests youll face will depend on the bus driver firm you apply for. Profession bus driver bus drivers operate buses or coaches, take fares, and look after passengers. A school bus driver must also check the alternately flashing amber lights indicator, if equipped, the alternately flashing red lights indicator and the strobe light indicator, if equipped. You must take your practical test within two years of passing your theory test. Theory or highway code test to assess their knowledge about the rules of the road and safe driving onroad practical assessment in the type of vehicle they will be driving to assess their driving ability. If you quite within two years after passing, you have to pay the cost of the driving school. The thing i like about my job is coming to work every day. Test questions come from the california commercial driver handbook. If you are a normal person, youll do alright in the test. If you are planning to be a bus driver then you most definitely need to pass the drivers test. Take an official free practice driving theory test dvsa. You are lucky to have found this page, as the tn school bus endorsement practice test it will take you to can help you get ready for the s endorsement permit test faster and with greater success than any other online resource. Durham school services school bus driver interview questions. What exactly they expect as most of the applicant dont have any bus driving experience.

First part will consist in interview questions, and the second one will be a psychometry test. The test is designed to prepare you for the school bus portion of your 2020 commercial drivers license exam. Use the button on the test page to switch between these two views. While every bus company or transportation authority uses different exams, these are the most popular preemployment assessments for bus driver jobs.

Has any one recently done bus driver evaluation test with sta. Interview and assessment, interview and assessment. Unlike assessments you may have given in the past, this is not a personalitybased assessment nor is it an iq test. As part of bus driver recruitment, many companies such as arriva and first group invite you to an assessment day where you may face numerical and verbal tests as well as an interview. Get the official first aid certification you are required to have if you operate a school bus or youth bus through safety training pros.

There was also a driving test in a minibus, a health assessment with a doctor, and drug and alcohol tests a swab and a breathalyser. Free school bus transit pretrip inspection practice test. The practical driving assessment pda is a 35minute onroad test taken with a department of transport assessor. Our online bus driving test trivia quizzes can be adapted to suit your requirements for taking some of the top bus driving test quizzes. School bus drivers need to understand their legal status, when working on an injured student.

Fortunately, the information required to obtain each qualification you will need for your school bus drivers license is contained in the permit test study guide, and we have designed a dedicated mn drivers license practice test to accompany this material and support your preparation for each assessment. Pass the cdl school bus endorsement test on your very first try. I also have an interview and assessment day at first bus on the 22nd feb. Make sure you get a really good understanding of what we look for in our people. Not an iq test you cannot prepare for the assessment. Minnesota cdl school bus practice test mn 2020 free. The working conditions of a bus driver in victoria are second to none.

The actual bus and coach test has 100 questions, and you need to get 85 right to pass the test. Applicants are presented with a number of short passages of bus related information that are similar to pieces of information which might be encountered within training or on the job. Do yourself a favor and be sure you are ready for this. Recruitment, hiring process and customer service assessment. Bus driver assessment centre if the firm youre applying for has an assessment centre, it may involve psychometric tests, interviews, group exercises, case studies and presentations. If a bus driver, is not sure of the legal status on administering first aid, this will cause bus driver concern and may impact how they treat the victim. A driver assessment instrument called the school bus driver safety and risk index is unlike anything you have ever seen, it cannot be gamed and it is going to change safety in the student transportation industry. At the end there was a facetoface interview, which mostly seemed to involve the interviewer checking you were ok with the hours youd be working.

Please share experience if any one has attended this evaluation. Do not think too much about the right answers to the test questions. It contains enough material for 2030 hours of classroom training. In order to start cota bus operator training, you must have a temporary cdl permit. Bus drivers need to have strong customer service skills and an ability to deal with difficult people while maintaining their cool.

Top 10 transit bus driver interview questions and answers. Start transit operator test is the most sophisticated and widely used test in the transit industry. What is the interview process like at stagecoach group. Would have expect them operates driving assessment like official driving exam. The questions for buses and lorries are show me, tell me questions. Preparing for the school bus section of the ak dmv cdl skills test can be overwhelming. Join the first west yorkshire team weve made a significant investment in our services over a.

Be a driver bus driver recruitment process stagecoach. Numerical reasoning tests bus drivers deal with numbers when it comes to ticket pricing and giving change, so this test assesses your skills using basic maths functions. Profession school bus attendant school bus attendants monitor the activities on schoolbuses to ensure and supervise the students safety and good behaviour. Jan 17, 2019 if you are planning to be a bus driver then you most definitely need to pass the drivers test. First aid for school bus drivers was created to help students develop basic first aid knowledge, skills, and the confidence to respond in an emergency. They expect you pass driving assessment with zero fault. I have already completed a test for a previous application do i need to take the test again. They outlined a few things that i would be taking part in but they were rather vague.

Start transit personnel video testing and training system. Jun 21, 2015 the above interview questions also can be used for job title levels. It is the most difficult portion of the test for a large chunk of the applicants. You know you have to pass it to drive a school bus in alaska, so your entire livelihood depends on it. They help children on and off the bus, support the driver and provide assistance in case of emergency. Our practice tests have 25 multiple choice questions straight from the handbook and give immediate feedback. The pda assesses your ability to operate and guide the car, put the road rules into practise, fit in with other traffic, and see and respond to hazards. To pass, the applicant must answer at least 16 questions correctly. Lasting for 30 minutes, it consists of comprehension reading and writing maths, highway code, and a general assessment. The actual bus and coach test has 100 questions, and you need to. The model assessment forms must be completed for each driver and placed in the drivers file for inspection. I dont hold a pcv licence so surely it wouldnt be in a bus.

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